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Taiwan supplier of rat mouse trap / pest control / energy saving thermal cookers / fuel savers, also factory OEM ODM - over 300 buyers around the world at http://sheng-quan.webs.com


We have truly been serving

several existing international customers with always HONEST and RELIABLE manner. Kindly first believe that we

hate fraudsters in business most, so we never try scams in business, too. We are

Taiwan businesspersons who generally have good name of HONESTY internationally. 

Before sending your inquiries to us, please first make sure that your qualifications meet our requests below:

NEVER TRY SCAMS. I know online scam skills well, so DON'T waste mutual time, if you are not serious. And NEVER TRY SPAMS, NEVER TRY SOLICITATION for your products or for your services with us.

We just look for serious and reliable "wholesale" importers only. NEVER RETAIL. If you need samples for tests first, sorry that currently we don't have enough manpower to handle deliveries of one or 2 samples to new customers. Also we like to check into new customers financial capabilities in the first stage.

New Product 1:  

Reusable Electric Rat


Mouse Killer (MK-301):

1. Voltage: DC voltage 6 volts, using D type battery 4

2. Power: standby, average is about 0.01 watt; electric shock consumes 2.5 watts

3. Shock voltage: 17,000 volts ± 20% (10KΩ resistive load)

4. Security design: detects the mouse to start the electric shock

5. Size: 120 × 110 × 270 (mm)

6. Material: ABS

7. Electric shock plate: galvanized iron plate

8. Weight: 415 grams

9. Effective range: about 10 pings


New Product 2:

Patented "PLASTIC" Bottle Rat Traps (NEW AND UNIQUE Designs)



1. No risk of accidentally getting children or pets hurt.

2. No worries about trap glue not enough for catching big rats.

3. No rat droppings left out of the Mouse Bottle Trap.

4. The closed design of the Mouse Bottle Trap leaves No risk of spreading plague, virus, fleas…from the caught rats or mouse.

5. The caught rats or mouse staying in the bottle trap will get into a trance to die without consciousness from discontinuation of oxygen supply while capping the bottle trap.

6. Just simply bring bottle traps with the caught rats or mouse outdoors to set them free if users like to do that.

7. Easy to camouflage bottle traps with newspapers, leaflets…or just put bottle traps into trash boxes to get confused with the garbage reducing rats or mouse vigilance resulting in easy rodent control without dirtying users hands.

8. Product Package Dimensions: 29.3 x 12.3 x 2.3 cm; Product Dimensions after assembly: 28 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm. Easy DIY assembly for users.

9. Hook trigger type. The Santa Claus jelly in the attached picture used as the bait, not included in the trap product set.

If new customers are serious indeed

 about long-term business relationship

 with us and are interested in our new

and unique designs of plastic rat traps

 above, please directly consider initial

trial order with MOQ: 300 pcs at unit

price which is higher than China offers

 for sure cause ours are 100% Made in

 Taiwan that counts. Payment terms:

100% by bank T/T upon order

 confirmation. Delivery of trial order:

 3 weeks upon receipt of full payments

 from new customers.

If new customers are serious to

directly place initial trial orders above

 MOQ: 1,000 pcs, price is further


Thanks for co-operation.

New Product 3:       6 Litre Non-Electric Energy Saving Stainless Steel Thermal Cooker

Stainless Steel Thermal Cooker "Magic-

Thermo" consists of one outer container

 made from HEAVY DUTY Stainless Steel

grade#430 (the cover lid and handle

material is durable plastic), and of one

inner pot made from heavy duty the top

grade#304 (18/8) stainless steel to double

 the hot or cold retention efficiency. Only a

 while on the stove to wait, just leave it for

 work and return home to enjoy a delicious

 meal. To use Thermal Cookers instead

saves energy costs and preparation time.

 Simply place the food materials in the

 inner pot, cover lid and bring to a boil on

your stove (just several minutes). When

 brought to a boil, move from stove into

 outer thermal pot. Thermal Cooking

features a convection effect by using the

 steam generated inside to circulate and

continue cooking for 30~ 40 minutes and

warms for 8~10 hours. Food is cooked in

 the cookers moisture and steam heat from

 heat source for 30~40 minutes only which

are fully contained to be enough brining

 ingredients to cooked food, so nutrients

are preserved. Compared to a pressure

cooker, thermal cooking with a thermal

 cooker is up to 80% energy efficient.


6 Liter capacity.

Product Dimensions: inner dia. 26cm, outer

 dia. 31.5cm, height: 23.5cm

Net weight: 3 kgs

Users Continue to cook for 10 ~ 30 minutes

 after heating Keeps cold or warm for up to

 8~10 hours. This Thermal Cooker could be

 also used as Non-Electric Slow Cooker with

 excellent cooking fuel saving; Also as Ice

Bucket while camping outdoors.

New Product 4: Patented Multi Rat Mouse Cage Traps

Patented double deck designs and patented

 weight-counter pedal designs, specially

ideal for commerical places, such as


High capacity double-deck trap catches

10 or more rats at a setting.

This cage is very diversified to trap

different animals, also available for

snakes....., or for fishes while placing it in

 rivers, streams.

Easy set up and operation including

optional pre baiting

Product Dimensions: 55 x 25 x 24 cm.

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